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Welcome to the Heart of Northwest Las Vegas

  Greetings, future Northwest Las Vegas homeowners! Are you tiring to figure out where in Las Vegas you want to put down roots, or have you already fallen in love with Northwest Las Vegas? Let’s journey through the real Northwest Las Vegas, not the area Google maps spits out at you when you search “NORTHWEST Las Vegas”, but the burgeoning upper northwestern expanses beyond Cheyenne and west of Decatur. At Rossum Realty Unlimited, we’ve been part of the Las Vegas story since 1988, and we’re eager to introduce you to the different neighborhoods in Vegas, so that you can find the one that works for you.      

 Northwest Las Vegas: A Landscape of Growth and Opportunity

  Northwest Las Vegas is a canvas for new beginnings, a rapidly evolving area where development is not just a plan but a reality. Picture living in a community that grew by 900 acres last year alone, thanks to the resent land Auction by Bureau of Land Management’s development initiatives. This is a place where the convenience of city living meets the serenity of suburban life, offering a blend of accessibility and tranquility.      

 Housing Market

  The real estate landscape here is as diverse as the vistas of the Nevada desert. Envision your life in a variety of homes, from 2-bed condos starting at $184,900 to sprawling 8-bed mansions priced around $5,900,000. The median home price hovers around $500,000, offering options for every budget and lifestyle. With many home builders in the area falling around that price point for their new build base prices.      

 Neighborhoods and Schools

  Delve into neighborhoods that embody the spirit of Northwest Vegas:   – Lone Mountain: A tranquil retreat nestled in nature’s beauty. – La Madre Foothills: Serene living close to Red Rock with breathtaking mountain views. – Kyle Canyon: A gateway to outdoor adventures. – Tule Springs: Steeped in natural history and some open spaces that are protected from development. – Rancho: A blend of classic charm and modern amenities.   The area also prides itself on a mix of educational institutions such as Chater schools, public schools, College prep school, and Private schools:   – Darnell Elementary School – James H. Bilbray Elementary School – William & Mary Scherkenbach Elementary School – Dean La Mar Allen Elementary School – Henry & Evelyn Bozarth Elementary School – Kenneth Divich Elementary – Somerset Academy Skye Canyon Campus – Centennial High School   For a detailed look at schools in the area, consider visiting to see their rankings and reviews.  

 Everyday Life in Northwest Vegas

  Living in Northwest Vegas means embracing a slightly cooler climate than the Strip, with occasional winter snowflakes adding to its charm. It’s a haven for families, offering diverse activities like urban trails, horseback riding, skate parks, and splash pads. For a comprehensive list of parks and recreation areas, visit Clark County Parks & Trails      


  Healthcare needs are met with top-tier facilities like Centennial Hills Hospital and MountainView Hospital, plus the nearby VA Hospital on Pecos. The area is also home to numerous doctors’ offices and over 15 urgent care centers.       Navigating Your Home Purchase with Expertise   Considering a new build in this dynamic community? Remember, having a Rossum Real Estate agent by your side during your first tour can make all the difference. Our team excels in customer service and market knowledge, ensuring you get the best deal.      

 Why Rossum Realty Unlimited Stands Apart

  Our deep-rooted experience in Las Vegas real estate for over three decades equips us with unique insights and dedication. We prioritize finding your ideal home in this wonderful community.  Connect With Rossum Realty Unlimited today!   For inquiries or guidance in your real estate journey, reach out at 702-368-1850 or via email at [email protected]. We’re here to assist with all your needs in Northwest Las Vegas.       Resorces   Stay connected with the latest community stories, home buying and selling tips and tricks, and of course property listings in Vegas through our blog and social media channels.
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  Discover why clients like Sarah Kendrick trust and recommend us. Visit our Google reviews for more testimonials and success stories.      

Ready to make the move to Northwest Las Vegas

  So, you love what you have read, and you are ready to make Northwest Las Vegas your new home. At Rossum Realty Unlimited, we are dedicated to helping you discover the perfect blend of comfort, community, and convenience in this enchanting part of Las us today to interview a few of our agents to see who best works with you.    

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