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Starting out in the Real Estate Industry can be a stressful process if you don’t have the right real estate brokerage. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on us to get you the best start. We focus on your long-term success by personalizing your training and teaching you to use your personal strengths and passions to succeed.



About Rossum Realty Unlimited: Join Our Legacy in Las Vegas Real Estate

Our Foundation: Mission and Vision

At Rossum Realty Unlimited, we are steadfastly dedicated to nurturing the growth of our agents, believing in their capabilities and potential. Our mission is clear: To bolster the professional ability of every agent under our roof, while our vision focuses on enriching communities through homeownership and connection.


The secret to our long-term success is:


  • M- Meaning and purpose that each individual has. We understand that your job isn’t just for amusement; it helps you achieve your personal “why” that drives you to invest hard work, dedicate long hours, and overcome challenges. As your brokerage, we’re committed to nurturing your unique motivations and keeping you aligned with your goals, helping you forge a path to success.
  • A- Agents, the crucial aspect of our brokerage’s success. We firmly believe that the cornerstone of exceptional work lies in empowering our agents with foundational knowledge while granting them the Autonomy to conduct their business in a way that’s most authentic to them. This approach not only nurtures individuality but also fosters a sense of ownership and personal alignment with their work, which is essential for thriving in the dynamic world of real estate.
  • G- Growth, a core value that Rossum Realty Unlimited has proudly emphasized since its inception. Our commitment to education and continual learning has been a defining characteristic of our brokerage. Over the years, we’ve welcomed countless agents through our doors to participate in our educational programs, reflecting our dedication to nurturing their professional development. At one point, we even operated our own real estate school, further showcasing our deep investment in the growth and advancement of all agents throughout the Las Vegas Valley. This focus on growth not only empowers our agents but also ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional service and expertise in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.
  • I – Impact, a key element that resonates deeply at Rossum Realty Unlimited. We recognize that for most individuals, purchasing a home is not only their largest financial investment but also a vital part of the “American Dream.” The profound satisfaction our Agents gain from assisting someone in buying a home is immeasurable. That’s why our focus isn’t just on transactions or numbers; instead, we prioritize building and nurturing relationships.
  • C- Connection, a fundamental principle at the heart of Rossum Realty Unlimited. We view ourselves as more than just a team; we’re a family. This sense of kinship and mutual support among our agents is a vital part of our identity. We believe that the authentic connections we foster, both within our team and with the communities we serve, truly set us apart. It’s about more than just business relationships; it’s about genuine engagement, offering a helping hand, and building lasting bonds. These connections are the foundation of our success and the driving force behind our commitment to excellence in real estate services.

These words are not just words on a website, but the pillars that define our daily operations and our compass for all decisions we make as a company.

 Our Story

In 1988, Beth and Woody Rossum launched Rossum Realty Unlimited on Flamingo Road, later relocating to the corner of Jones and Viking. Fueled by a vision to counter the impersonal touch of burgeoning franchise firms, the Rossum’s envisioned a brokerage that prized agent education and Real Estate as a full-time professional career. For three decades, we’ve championed the cause of knowledgeable and well-equipped agents, ensuring the Rossum name was synonymous with Professionalism.

The Broker: Beth Rossum

Beth is not like most Brokers; she has been in the industry for years and still actively sells real estate, so she knows what the agents are seeing in the market. She has an academic foundation from the University of Nebraska and postgraduate insights from Duke University, Beth delved into real estate in 1980, ascending to a broker’s role by 1988. Her leadership roles include being appointed as a Real Estate Commissioner for the state of Nevada by governor of Nevada for 6 years. She was also a Director for both the State of Nevada Association of Realtors® and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors®, and many more earned designations. As a relocation specialist for Las Vegas Valley and an NFSTI Certified REO specialist, Beth’s expertise is unparalleled in today’s Las Vegas market.

Hear from Our Family:

“Rossum Realty Unlimited is an amazing brokerage to work for. I have been here since 2021 and could not recommend another Brokerage more. The Broker, Beth, is always available and has helped me navigate a lot of difficult situations. All the other agents in the office are extremely friendly and I really feel like some of them are family. There is always Agent Development classes offered and the monthly Lunch and learns are my favorite. GiNie Harris and her Team are awesome Realtors and always around to share their experience. I could go on and on about how much I have learned from Marlies, Lance, Linda, Don, and Jenny Chuang, but it the review would end up turning into a novel.
Long Story short, Rossum is a great place to be an agent.”
“Personable, family atmosphere!!!”

Community Involvement:

Our commitment goes beyond just real estate. We’re very involved in community outreach, supporting yard sales, community donation pick-ups, neighborhood clean-up events, pet rescues, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, and more. We believe that a thriving Las Vegas community enriches us all.

Do all these things sound like a good fit for you?:

Considering a career with us? Come join the Rossum Family and build your real estate career together with us and experience the difference.

What we offer:

  • $0 Start-up fee for all Agents.
  • Free 12 week Training and onboarding program.
  • Free CE classes are offered.
  • $40 office fee waived your 1st year.
  • Brokerage split waived after caping out.
  • dog-friendly office.
  • Microsoft office online.
  • New Agents post licensing classes paid for by brokerage.
  • Full-Time Broker and Management support
  • Full-time office staff.
  • Private offices are available.
  • Unlimited access to office green room from recording.
  • Free E&O insurance
  • Large and small conference rooms are available to use.
  • Sales and Marketing training classes.
  • Outdoor patio space.
  • Free on-site Lunch and Learn Training.
  • Buyer leads for your 1st year.
  • Marketing Department.
  • Two client appreciation events yearly for you to invite your connections to attend.

-NOTE: please note that our goal for your 1st year in real estate, which is the hardest, is to set you up for success for a long term real estate career.

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